Tips for Reducing Computer Eye Fatigue

Tips for Reducing Computer Eye Fatigue

Are you someone who spends a large part of their day looking at a computer screen? You’ve probably noticed your eyes burning, your neck hurting, your vision blurred, or your head hurting. Concentrating too much on one thing could cause discomfort and fatigue in the eyes.

The growing frequency of long-term screen use has increased in digital eye strain cases. Eye strain can be uncomfortable; however, it’s usually minimal and disappears when you relax. Even if you cannot eliminate all the hours you are glued to the computer or other possible causes of straining your eyes, you can take steps to reduce the issue.

Computer Eye Strain Prevention

Most of the time, eye strain is easily treated with over-the-counter painkillers and a few minutes of exercise focused on the eyes. But, a preventative approach is an option for those who want an effective solution to this issue. Here are some suggestions to ease the eye strain caused by long-term computer usage.

1. Get an Eye Test

Every year, a comprehensive eye exam done by an eye doctor in Bloomington, IN is recommended for any job requiring you to work with computers frequently. It is done to determine whether your eye prescription has altered and detect any eye problems. Inform your eye doctor about how long you spend on a computer screen. Before taking the test, you must also measure how far your eyes are from the screen of your computer. The eye specialist will be delighted to be capable of examining your eyes at this distance.

2. Adjust Lighting

The lighting of a lamp can reduce eye strain while studying or focusing. If you plan to concentrate on a digital screen, you should try to make the light on the screen reflect the lighting in the room. Modern electronic screens shine with a high level of luminosity. They cause eye strain in dim lighting. Eye strain can also be generated through glare. Filters that block glare are an excellent option. They work with all screens so you can utilize them on your phone or laptop. Anti-reflective coatings are worth the additional cost when you wear glasses and contact lenses.

3. Take Breaks

To avoid eye strain, making frequent breaks from your computer is crucial. If you are required to look at something in close-up, your eyes become tired and strained. This rule of 20-20-20 is a way to avoid this. Remove your eyes off the screen every 20 minutes, and keep your eyes focused on something on a distance of twenty feet from you for 20 minutes. This is because the muscles responsible for focusing your eye will relax.

4. Change Workspace

Drawing, reading, or working on something small with your hands are all possible activities that could cause eye strain. Making adjustments to your workspace and routines could be the most effective way to lessen eye strain when working. Experts advise that your computer’s screen must be at least 16 inches away from your face. You could also increase the size of your font, adjust your screen’s brightness, or change your monitor’s color balance to warmer reds and yellows.

5. Blink

Dry eyes may also be caused by your eyes having to be more active than they have to. The reason is that focusing on something causes you to blink less often. Dry eyes can be characterized by a scratching or burning sensation, excessive tear, and discharge. In addition, you might experience irritation, like something was lodged inside your eye. Fake tears can be a simple solution if you feel your eyes are getting dry due to staring at screens for too long.

If you’re experiencing eye fatigue and want to see eye care professionals, you may schedule an appointment through their website or through the phone with any of the respected clinics.


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