ECM Eligibility List

The ECM Eligibility List is a list of high efficiency ECM-equipped furnaces and ECM-equipped Circulator Pumps that qualify for the incentives under the HEATING & COOLING PROGRAM. This list has been compiled from manufacturers acting on a voluntary basis.

Please verify that the furnace or circulator pump you propose is on this list to ensure that your customer will be eligible for their incentive.

**Please note there are separate tabs on the ECM Eligibility List to differentiate the eligible furnaces from the eligible circulator pumps**

Click here to view the ECM Eligibility List.

AHRI Verified Directory

The AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance is a directory which allows you to search for the qualified Energy Star Rated Central Air Conditioner Systems (of at least 18 SEER and 13 EER) and matching coil along with qualified Air Source Heat Pumps (of at least 15 SEER, 12.5 EER and 8.5 HSPF) and matching indoor unit or air handler .

Please verify that the ASHP and CAC systems you install are listed on this directory to ensure that your customer will be eligible for their incentive.

AHRI Directory

NEEP Verified cold climate ASHP specification listings

The NEEP verified Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Specification listing shows a list of all eligible Cold Climate Air Sour Heat Pumps included in the program.

**Please ensure for ductless models to be eligible they must also maintain a maximum capacity at -15°C that is = 55% of max capacity at 8.3°C AND has a COP >2 at -15°C at maximum capacity operation.**

NEEP Cold Climate Verified Listings

Incentive Updates

Download the following back issues of Incentive Update in PDF format:

Other Communications


The success of The HEATING & COOLING PROGRAM will depend largely on the promotional efforts of participating registered contractors. You are encouraged to reach out to prospective customers through promotional offers and local advertising. The IESO views HVAC contractors as the "front end" of the incentive while abiding by the terms of the HVAC contractor participation agreement.

Heating & Cooling Tip Sheet - Marketing Material and tips to help customers save even more.

The IESO has created marketing and customer educational material available for participating contractors to use to help potential customers make decisions on purchasing energy efficient equipment eligible for incentives and provide them with tips to optimize the efficiency of their new equipment. This marketing material will be available in two versions:

  • one focused on furnace replacements, CACs and circulator pump;
  • one focused on air source heat pumps and adaptive thermostats (for electrically heated customers)

This Heating & Cooling Tip Sheet outlines the following to future customers:

  • Rebates available within the Heating and Cooling Program
  • The benefits of installing the new energy efficient equipment
  • Tips to maximize their energy savings and life of new equipment

Please ensure that these Tip Sheets are provided to every customer installing an eligible measure.

These Tip Sheets are available for you to download and print here: Customer Tip Sheets

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