Contractor FAQ

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A: Getting Online

1: Where do I find the website associated with the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE?

B: Adding Users and Technicians

1: I forgot my password?
2: How do I add a user?

If you are set up in the system as a Contractor Administrator you can add users. Please contact HRAI at ext. 236 for assistance.

3: How do I add a technician?

If you are set up in the system as a Contractor Administrator you can add technicians . Log onto the system with your contractor ID, user name and password. Select the “Contractor Information” on the left side menu. Click the add technician button and enter the technicians name and license numbers.

The technician must complete the online contractor training and you must submit a copy of the technician’s license, with your contractor ID# to HRAI. Once they have been received and verified by HRAI the technician will be activated.

4: Are apprentice licenses accepted for technicians?

No, only fully licensed technicians are accepted.

C: Completing the Online Form

1: I am a registered contractor, where do I find the online form?

You go to the HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE web page  and log on as a participating contractor. Once logged in click on “Incentive Submission”

2: Can I save incomplete forms to finish later?

No, there is no save feature.

3: What is the Business Name field for?

This incentive includes businesses that install residential type equipment. This field is available so that the incentive cheque will be made out to the business name, not an individual.

If you are completing the incentive submission for a homeowner leave this field blank, DO NOT put your company name in the “Business Name” field.

4: What if my customer has no email address or does not want to use email?

If your customer has no email address or does not want to use email leave this field bank. Once you submit the claim for consumer approval you will have to print the claim out and deliver to your customer for them to sign. (Ensure your pop-up blocker on your browser is turned off for this site prior to attempting to print.)

Never put your email address in this field. Any claims with contractor email addresses will be declined.

5: Why is the system not accepting the postal code for my customer?

If your customer's postal code is not properly linking up to their LDC please contact HRAI directly. 1-800-267-2231 Ext. 244

6: What if I cannot read the face plate of the old equipment to get the model and serial number?

All feilds are required for the existing equipment being replaced, so we can caputre as much data as possible. If you cannot read the information on the older equipment simply enter your best guess for the fields.

7: What if I don't know the SEER value of the old air conditioning system?

If you cannot determine the SEER level of the existing equipment, enter your best guess as to what it would be.

8: What if the consumer had a window air conditioning system?

Replacing a window air conditioning system with a central air conditioning system DO NOT qualify for incentives. The existing system must be a central air conditioning system.

9: What is required for the Heat gain/loss calculation?

The correct sizing of HVAC equipment has a significant effect on the energy efficiency of the system. Heat gain/loss calculations must be completed and acknowledged on the claim form. The calculations do not have to be submitted but the contractor must keep them on file, and produce them if ever audited. You may be required to show how you sized the equipment and that it is appropriate for the installation.

10: What is the "Required Furnace Model" field for?

In order for some Central Air Conditioning Systems to meet the SEER and EER requirements of the program, they must be installed with a specific furnace model. If the AHRI number requires a furnace, the online submission rebate form will indicate this and show an abbreviation of what the model number should be selected from the qualifying furnace drop down.

If the furnace model does not match the required furnace model the claim will be declined.

11: How do I enter the rebate if the customer has more than one furnace or air conditioning system?

If your customer has more than one replacement furnace or air conditioning system installed, each system will have to be submitted on a separate submission form and each submission will be assigned a separate rebate ID number. You will need to check off the ‘multi-instillation unit’ checkbox on the incentive form. As well, email HRAI ( with the incentive ID’s to let them know it is a multi-unit installation

12: Are there some tips for finding AHRI numbers?

Some tips for finding AHRI numbers

  • The recommended link to search out an AHRI number is,
  • You do not need to type information into all of the fields to produce results. Type in the first three letters of the A/C's model number in the Outdoor Unit Model Number field found in the right hand side of the page. The site uses an * if a number is not relevant or repeats itself when posting models. If you type in a digit where it has a * it will not provide any results.
  • You should get several pages of results listing evaporator coils that are matched with that cooling unit.
  • You can simply choose the, Export button at the top left hand side of the page. The site will then dump the data found into an excel file that you can search through to find a package that works for your installation.
  • You can also go through the results pages until you find the coil that was installed. If you get too many results, choose the Modify button at the top right hand side of the page. Your original information entered will remain in the Cooling unit field. You can then type in the first two (or three) letters of the coil in the Indoor Unit Model Number field. Hit ENTER again, you should find this reduces the number of results produced.

If a furnace model number is listed in the furnace column it means that model of furnace is required for the system to meet the ratings listed. If you did not install a new furnace you will need to find an AHRI number that only reflects your condenser and coil installed.

13: Why can I not see all of my technicians on the drop down menu?

Only technicians that have a valid license for the service being performed, (313A or 313D for air conditioning systems and/or Gas fitters 1 or 2 for gas furnaces) will be displayed. If you checked off for an air conditioning rebate only those technicians registered with a 313A or 313D will be listed on the drop down menu. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed before trying to select a technician from the dropdown menu.

If your AC technician is not appearing in the drop downs and their license is valid – they need to complete the AC Optimization Training.

14: Why are the air conditioning fields blank when I enter the ARI number?

If the air conditioning fields do not populate the AHRI number is not valid or does not qualify for the program. If the AHRI number is new, it may not have been loaded yet, contact HRAI.

15: Can I cancel claims?

You can only cancel claims that have been saved and are in an incomplete status. If you need to cancel a claim in any other status please send an email to ( with the incentive ID #, first and last name, postal code of the customer in the subject line and ask for the claim to be deleted.

16: What are the different incentive statuses and what do they mean?
  1. Pending - Waiting for Consumer validation and/or missing proof of purchase
  2. Potential Duplicate - Your customer's claim has been flagged as a possible duplicate if you see your claim in this status please call HRAI.
  3. Submitted - All required documentation and customer approval has been received, your customer's claim is ready to be screened.
  4. Awaiting Payment Approval - Reviewed by the IESO before cheque issuing, forwarded to fulfillment company.
  5. Approved - Received by fulfillment company and approved.
  6. Paid - Cheque issued.
  7. Declined - Non-Compliant, email and or letter issued.
  8. Cancelled - Claim has been cancelled.


17: How do I correct customers name and address?

If the claim is pending you can change it online or your customer can change it via the consumer look up page. Your customer can also call the consumer call centre at 1-877-688-3062.

If the claim has been submitted send an email to or you can fax to 416-922-1028 with your customer's incentive ID, last name and first name and postal code. In the body of the email request that the consumer name be changed.

D: Declined Claims

1: What happens when a claim is declined?

When one of your customer’s claims in declined they will receive an email, if they supplied an email address, from the IESO explaining why it was declined. A letter is also sent to by regular mail to all consumer regardless if they have an email address or not.

2: How can I check the status of my customers claims?

By logging into the online system you can click on the “job status” link on the left hand menu you can see all of your incentives and their status. You can also click on the incentive ID number and see the incentive form.

If the claim was declined, the rejection reason will be listed near the bottom of the form. Also, if there is an asterisk beside the incentive ID number, there is a resubmission associated with that claim.

3: How can I fix a declined claim?

Claims are usually declined for one of two reasons: the invoice and/or claim form was not submitted or is missing information or the information on the claim form does not match what is on the invoice.

If you need to provide a new invoice with corrected information, it can be sent directly to the incentive service provider with the incentive ID clearly indicated. Invoices can be sent:

  • By mail to: 30 Commercial Road, Toronto, ON, M4G 1Z4
  • By Fax: 416-922-1028
  • Email: Scan the invoice and email to

If the online claim needs to be updated and it is pending you can go back in and change it yourself. If it is in a submitted or declined status, please send an email to (not yet available), with the incentive ID #, first and last name, and postal code of the customer in the subject line. Explain what you need updated and you should see changes within ten business days.  

4: Why does my claim remain declined when I sent in the required information?

Check to see if there is an asterisk beside the incentive ID on the job status screen. If there is an asterisk then that incentive has a resubmission associated with it and a new incentive ID has been assigned. By clicking on the incentive ID you can open the claim form. Near the top of the form there will be a section showing all the resubmissions associated with that incentive.

The status of the original incentive will not change, it will remain declined, the updated status will be reflected in the status of the resubmission.

5: How do I change AHRI numbers to correct claims?

If you have entered the wrong AHRI number and the claim in declined you can request that it be changed. Send an email to and request that they make the change to the incentive form.

6: How do I correct customers name and address?

If the claim is pending you can change it online or your customer can change it via the consumer look up page. Your customer can also call the consumer call centre at 1-877-688-3062.

If the claim has been submitted send an email to with your customer's incentive ID, last name and first name and postal code. In the body of the email request that the consumer name be changed.

: E: Heating and Cooling Incentive Program Cancelled

1: 1.What is happening to the Heating and Cooling Program?


The Heating and Cooling Program is cancelled as of April 1, 2019. Please cease promoting the program to your customers, effective immediately.

2: I am a participating contractor in the Heating and Cooling Program. Why are you cancelling the program and do you realize the effect it will have on my business?


The Heating and Cooling Incentive program is being discontinued pursuant to a directive received from the Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, directing the IESO to discontinue the Conservation First Framework. There are  high levels of consumer awareness, increasing codes and standards, and the broad range of affordable products, services and technologies available, as was found in the IESO’s recent Residential End Use Survey. This is part of the continuing transformation of energy efficiency.


Lots of opportunity still exists for Ontario businesses to take advantage of energy-efficiency programs to lower their electricity costs and stay competitive. This will mean trade allies will also be required for those projects. Please see the “Contractors and Allies” section of the website for information on program, training and events.

3: 3.How are existing Heating and Cooling Program applications going to be managed? What are the relevant deadlines?


Projects that have already been completed will be processed according to the Participant Terms and Conditions. Participating Contractors have until May 31, 2019 to submit incentive applications for projects with an install date of no later than April 30, 2019. No new applications will be accepted after May 31, 2019.


Participants should submit proof of purchase and sign-off on the application submitted by their Participating Contractor before July 1, 2019.

4: 4.How do I submit a new Heating and Cooling Program application? Who do I contact with questions?


The Heating and Cooling Program is cancelled as of April 1, 2019, and no new applications will be accepted.


Questions related to existing projects can be sent via email to, or over the phone through 1-877-688-3062.